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E-mail problems

Posted by Anthony Bowden on 20th April 2009 at 10:34 pm

Information IconI’ve discovered that anyone who has tried to contact me via my older e-mail address since the start of April will have been unable to send mail to me. Hopefully if you’ve tried to e-mail me using that address, you’ll have received a Delivery Status Notification e-mail reporting SMTP error 550: “No Such User Here”, and then thought to check my Contact page for my newer e-mail address. But if not, please try to contact me again. I’ve now fixed the problem with the older address–it would seem that at some point, I accidentally deleted the e-mail domain forwarding rule which copies mail sent from the domain to the .net domain. Quite how I managed to do this, I know not, but the rule has been reinstated anyway. Oops… Emoticon


2 Responses to “E-mail problems”

  1. John says:

    Is there any advice available on correcting distortion when using a wide screen monitor? BVE4 worked satisfactorily on normal screen laptop. Have tried Reschanger but to no avail.


    • Anthony_B says:

      Hi John,

      What resolution are you wanting to run BVE4 at, and what is the native resolution of your monitor? Does your monitor have an aspect ratio setting which can be set via it’s on-screen menu? Alternatively, does your graphics card driver (nVIDIA, ATi or another?) give you the option of specifying flat panel scaling options (they may be labelled “Use centred timings”, “Maintain aspect ratio”, or similar)?

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