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Railsimroutes.net Status

Server Status


10th April 2019: [v5.1.8-f]
Railsimroutes.net version 5.1.8-f launched. Final release.

07th April 2019: [v5.1.7-rc]
Fixed Blog nav bar issue. Release Candidate.

07th April 2019: [v5.1.6-b]
Website maintenance PHP code added.

05th April 2019: [v5.1.5-b]
Railsimroutes.com mirror site configured and SSL enabled, with links on both sites updated.

05th April 2019: [v5.1.4-b]
Added more status and upcoming outage functionality.

31st March 2019: [v5.1.3-b]
Enabled SSL certificate for site.

30th March 2019: [v5.1.2-b]
Added server status page and functionality, and improved title bar site navigation formatting.

28th March 2019: [v5.1.1-b]
Added back site maintenance banner functionality.

6th February 2019: [v5.1.0-b]
Added Light theme variation with new cookie and php handling code. Beta.

24th January 2019: [v5.0.5-a]
More css tweaks.

19th January 2019: [v5.0.4-a]
New logo designed, css tweaks.

18th July 2018: [v5.0.3-a]
Added support for dropdown menu icons.

17th July 2018: [v5.0.2-a]
Fixes for HTML5 compliance.

14th July 2018: [v5.0.1-a]
Tweaked various colours and interface elements.

10th July 2018: [v5.0.0-a]
Initial version of site published to test server for development. Alpha.

Content last updated: 10th April 2019