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Inset image of project is run by (Anthony Bowden), and you can contact me via one of the methods below. I tend to be quite busy, so I may not be able to respond to all e-mails unless they are urgent, however I do read every message I receive, and I genuinely appreciate all of your comments, as well as the interest shown in my work. If you need help with openBVE, you can find some useful information below, which you should read prior to contacting me, as you might find the answer to your question(s) there.

If you have any queries regarding the openBVE and BVE Trainsim add-ons available from this site, have any queries about the site itself, wish to seek permission to use any copyright material available from this site, or just want to say hello, then please feel free to contact me:

If you don't get a reply, please just contact me again, in case I didn't receive your message, or my reply didn't reach you for whatever reason.
If you absolutely need a quick response, you can also mark your message as urgent in some way.

You can also post a comment on my blog, provided there's an existing topic related to your query:

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Blog and Progress Updates

Common enquiries and helpful information

If you need help with openBVE or the add-ons available from, then here are some resources which might answer your questions. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please feel free to e-mail me instead.

openBVE installation and help

If you need help with downloading, installing and running openBVE, then please visit my openBVE Help and Information section. Using screenshots and easy to follow steps, these pages explain clearly how you can begin driving my routes, by guiding you through the setting up of openBVE, followed by instructions on how my routes should be installed and run. Here, you will also find guidance on setting common options within openBVE, configuring your graphics card drivers, and also a keyboard command reference.

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openBVE Help and Information

Notes for new developers

I'm often too busy to help with development and coding, however I often post useful information in my blog, and sometimes on the official openBVE forum or other openBVE related boards as well. Please take a look in these places for help with development. The official openBVE homepage also has a comprehensive Developing for openBVE section, where all of openBVE's file formats are documented. Here is a summary of some resources you may want to look at:

Would you like to modify my own work, or create an add-on for my routes?

Some of the downloads available from, particularly add-ons designed specifically for openBVE, are of de facto public domain status or otherwise unrestricted, which means that I've done all I can to waive my copyright, so you can freely modify and redistribute these files without needing to seek my permission or even credit me. I would still appreciate being acknowledged as the original author and this would be considerate, but it's entirely up to you as to whether or not you do this.

However, some other material is protected by copyright, usually because I required permission to use those files myself, or I had to obtain a licence to use them. For re-use of copyright material, you'll need to contact me via e-mail. If you re-release copyright material without permission, I'm probably not going to contact you about it, but the owner of the copyright material may well do so.

Some downloads may contain a mixture of public domain/unrestricted material, and copyright material. You will need to read any documentation included with the add-on for further details.

Please note: If you want to re-release any of my public domain/unrestricted files, or modify my routes, you are more than welcome to do so. However it will be up to you to help users with technical support should any problems arise; I can only offer assistance with the original, unmodified versions of my downloads.

Additional note: If you've found my work in another BVE or openBVE add-on, and a copyright notice or request that my permission should be sought prior to re-release exists next to my acknowledgment or credit, please can you disregard this and use the file(s) without asking me. I want any work I've released for BVE and openBVE to be free from restrictions, but I'm not able to alter the contents of other people's downloads, so out-of-date copyright notices may still remain in various add-ons. Retaining just a credit in the re-released work would still be nice though, as a courtesy. In cases where a shared credit exists, i.e. my name together with other people's, then the same applies, and please don't feel obliged to ask me for permission. The other contributor(s) to said files may have a different view, and you would only need to contact me if you can't contact the other contributor(s) for some reason.

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You are more than welcome to link to, and you can use one of the banners below, or create your own. To use one of these banners, please right-click your preferred design, save a copy to your hard disk, and then upload this copy to your own webspace. Your URL should point to:

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Other train simulators (not openBVE) is a site with resources and add-ons for the free-of charge, open source, licence free openBVE train simulator, with legacy add-ons for BVE Trainsim as well. Unfortunately, I'm not usually able to assist with enquiries relating to other train simulators. Please see my links page for a list of forums which may contain suitable sub-forums for your enquiry.

Content last updated: 10th April 2019