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Rugby Area

Posted by Anthony Bowden on 20th November 2008 at 10:00 pm

I thought I’d show the current state of Rugby station, as I haven’t posted any screenshots of this location yet (due to it being unfinished). I’ve only laid the track and electrified the area so far, but as you can see from the images below, this is a very complex location to model, with numerous tracks, diverging lines, two flyovers, pointwork, curves and so-on. There’s no finished scenery yet, and the supports are missing from beneath the flyover, but once these, and the station buildings and lineside buildings are added, it should look rather good.

Please note that in the overhead shots, a 2400m drawing distance is set with a high level of zoom used, hence the station looks somewhat shorter than it actually is, and the curves sharper than they actually are. The released route will be based on the track layout prior to the recent remodelling work at the real station (I have to draw the line somewhere with a route that’s being constantly upgraded in reality; this way I might actually be able to finish the project!!). The track layout depicted here is a mixture of the layout as it was in the 80s and late 90s, and I’ll remove the relevant tracks in the final route files, depending on the era being depicted in each one:

openBVE screenshot openBVE screenshot openBVE screenshot openBVE screenshot

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