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Platform Generator utility released

Posted by Anthony Bowden on 19th April 2009 at 7:45 am

Alan Wheeler’s new Platform Generator (Plat Gen) tool was released recently; head over to ยป ยซ to download this handy utility. The program creates a variety of photo-realistic customised platform segments, allowing route developers to choose the surface and side textures, create platform ramps, curved platform lengths at various radii, and more. The generated objects are placed via the .Freeobj command rather than the .Form commands. Here’s a screenshot of one of the resulting platforms at University station on the Cross-City South v1.4 route:

openBVE/Cross-City South v1.4 screenshot--click to enlarge
openBVE / Cross-City South v1.4 plus 323 screenshot

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2 Responses to “Platform Generator utility released”

  1. Alan Wheeler says:

    Thank you, Anthony, for your kind comments and the plug for Plat Gen. It is comforting to know that it has found a use in the hands of the world’s foremost route developer! To date (23/04/2009) there have been over 400 clicks on the download, so can we hope for 400 new authors…? Maybe between us we can persuade BVE users to add to our library of routes in the UK!

    Best wishes,

    • Anthony_B says:

      Thanks for commenting Alan. ๐Ÿ™‚ I checked the data transfer stats for the X-City South download using Webalizer, and PlatGen is doing well in comparison. Just for reference, this year, XCS seems to have had a consistent 900 – 1000 downloads per month (which is rather higher than I was expecting actually, I thought it’d be around 600 per month–I had to check again twice to be sure).

      I doubt that we’ll see 400 new developers, but that so many have downloaded the tool is encouraging. I guess many will just be glad that something has happened in the community and downloaded out of curiosity, some might want to add a few improvements to routes they’ve downloaded just for personal use, and maybe a few are more seriously considering building routes, and maybe we’ll hear from them during the coming months. Fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚


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