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▪ Driver's Guide for openBVE and BVE

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Welcome to the Railsimroutes.net Driver's Guide for openBVE, a resource to help beginners and new openBVE users learn the basics about driving the trains used by the routes developed here at Railsimroutes.net. The Railsimroutes.net Driver's Guide is will be expanded over time, but please use the links below to learn more about the subjects already covered.

In the Driver's Guide, you'll learn about:
  • Signalling basics and in-cab safety systems
  • Understanding lineside signs and warnings
  • Driving the trains used by routes developed at this site
  • Understanding how to operate simulated systems within the BVE cab
  • Common railway practice
  • Using BVE and driving your trains realistically and safely, as per proper railway procedures
Please select a topic from the list below.

▪ Topics covered

The openBVE Help and Information section is split into two sections, depending on what operating system you have installed on your computer. Please choose the appropriate option from the following list, to be taken to the relevant help pages:

Signalling, safety systems and lineside signs: openBVE Driving Tutorials: Archived BVE Trainsim Driving Tutorials:
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