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▪ Projects and Downloads

What I'm currently working on...
  • [WJ-R]: Removal of 1980s era objects
  • [XCS]: No work being done this week
  • [UkTrainSys]: No work being done this week
  • [Object Library]: Reorganisation of objects and directories
  • [Website]: No work being done this week
On this page, you can take a look at the projects in development or already released at Railsimroutes.net. Please click a project link to read more information, see screenshots, and find downloads. openBVE projects are now the focus of this site, however legacy routes for BVE Trainsim can be found in the relevant section below.

Need help? If you would like some assistance with installing and using my routes, or openBVE, please visit the Help section of the site, where you can find installation instructions for Windows and Linux users, complete with screenshots.

▪ Routes for openBVE

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Project banner
Birmingham Cross-City South v2.0 for openBVE

Last updated: 25th December 2010
Currently work-in-progress, this is a new route which takes advantage of numerous features and capabilities provided by openBVE. The route runs from Redditch in the county of Worcestershire, to the busy New Street station in the heart of Birmingham, the UK's second city. The route is operated by the Hunslet TPL class 323 25kV AC overhead electric multiple unit, notable for it's three-phase traction equipment and distinctive traction motor sounds. More [...]

▪ Status: In development; release not expected before early 2011, possibly later
Project banner
Watford Junction to Rugby v1.0 for openBVE

Last updated: 25th December 2010
Also in development, is the 106km section of the West Coast Main Line from Watford Junction on the outskirts of London, to Rugby, south-east of Birmingham. This is an ambitious project which takes advantage of the rendering performance and other capabilities provided by openBVE. Featuring detailed railway infrastructure, overhead line equipment and rich detail, this route will be designed for use with class 390 Pendolinos, and AC electric locomotive classes 86 and 87. More [...]

▪ Status: In development; release not expected before mid-2011, possibly later

▪ Shared resources and libraries

Project banner UK Railway Infrastructure Object Library for openBVE
Last updated: 11th July 2010
This collection of objects and textures will form a shared library resource, which all Railsimroutes.net openBVE route projects will be based upon. This library will also be free for anyone to use or reference via their own projects, so any other route will also be able to call upon the UK Railway Infrastructure Object Library, making life much easier for developers, while also potentially reducing the size of UK based route downloads because there won't be so many duplicated files. This library will be maintained, and any route calling upon the library will also benefit from any enhancements made to the library's objects or textures. More [...]

▪ Status: In development; initial release not expected before early 2011, possibly later
Project banner UK Train System Cross-platform .NET Plugin for openBVE
Last updated: 25th December 2010
This cross-platform, open source, .NET plugin aims to simulate the major systems found in a range of UK trains, including the Automatic Warning System, Train Protection and Warning System, Driver Reminder Appliance, the Vigilance Device, and so-on. A simple AI guard is also included, along with AI Support, which enables the plugin to work with openBVE's built-in AI driver, so the systems simulated by the plugin can be operated by the AI human driver. The plugin also supports animations relating to the AI human driver's interactions with cab controls, as well. A range of power supplies are also to be simulated, including a battery, overhead supply, and soon, a diesel engine. Other features, such as windscreen wipers, tap changer, failure modes and circuit breakers will follow as well. More [...]

▪ Status: Alpha release available (v0.3.1.9)

▪ Miscellaneous

Inset image Legacy BVE Trainsim Material
Last updated: 25th December 2010
Prior to developing for openBVE, I used to develop add-ons for BVE Trainsim. You can find my old BVE Trainsim routes -- Birmingham Cross-City South v1.31, and Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central v1.1, in this section. You can also find help and information regarding BVE Trainsim here. More [...]
Inset image Miscellaneous
Last updated: 11th August 2010
In the Railsimroutes.net Miscellaneous Files section, you can find various other information or downloads, which don't fit neatly into other projects sections, or which don't even necessarily involve train simulation or railways. This section might be expanded over time. More [...]

Inset image About the site, and history
Last updated: 3rd October 2010
Here, you can read some background information about Railsimroutes.net, as well as find out about the history of the site, read through the news archive, view some older site designs and see the origins of the site, or read about the evolution of Railsimroutes.net projects. More [...]

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