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▪ Help and Information

Inset image Welcome to the Railsimroutes.net Help and Information section. Here, you can find some useful resources to help you discover more about openBVE, how to use the program whether use use Windows or the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and how to download and install some routes and trains available from this site, which will in turn help you to install content from other openBVE sites as well. The Driver's Guides will help you to learn to drive the routes available from Railsimroutes.net. Developers might like to look at the BVE Track Sound Standard (BVETSS) page, for guidance regarding track sound interoperability between routes and trains.

This Help and Information section should be your first port of call if you need some assistance with either openBVE, or any of the add-ons available from Railsimroutes.net.

▪ Help and Information [openBVE]

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openBVE Help and Information

[Last revised: 6th December 2010]
The openBVE Help and Information section of the site contains help, tips, and screenshots to help new users of openBVE, as well as helping you to download, install, and get the most from Railsimroutes.net routes in openBVE. openBVE is a new, licence free, open source, internationally aware, cross-platform train simulator, which has the added benefit of being able to load legacy routes and trains designed for BVE Trainsim. More [...]

▪ Other useful resources

Project banner BVE Track Sound Standard (BVETSS)
[Last revised: 5th June 2002, version 1.0]
Homepage of the BVETSS initiative, started by Railsimroutes.net and Train Sim Central. This is a BVE standard for defining track running sounds, allowing main line routes and trains to be experienced as their designers intended, regardless of the route and train combination being run. The BVETSS is designed to improve the quality of the BVE and openBVE experience for users. More [...]
Project banner Driver's Reference Guide for openBVE/BVE
[Last revised: 6th December 2010]
The Railsimroutes.net Driver's Guide is a resource to help beginners and new openBVE users learn the basics about driving the trains used by the routes developed here at Railsimroutes.net, as well as learn about lineside signs and railway procedures. More [...]

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