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Development PC(s) and Network - Introduction

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This section of the website is for those with an interest in computers (both workstations and servers), networking, hardware and software. Here you can find out what systems I develop my routes on, and what components I've chosen for good performance in openBVE, BVE Trainsim or other applications. Apart from my first ever PC, I've assembled all my computer systems myself, as usually a much better computer that's suited to my needs can be built this way. You can also find out what software I use, what hardware I've developed my routes on, both currently and in the past, as well as see what kinds of add-ons I've been able to produce thanks to each new generation of hardware.

Within the Development PC(s) and Network Section:

The Intel Pentium II 400MHz System (1998 - 2001)

This was an excellent system which consistently performed better than benchmarks would suggest it should, and was a nice upgrade from the previous Pentium 100MHz system. The Supermicro P6SBA motherboard had an American Megatrends AMIBIOS with a neat point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) which was great at the time. The following add-ons were developed on the system (sadly no longer with us):

- Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central v1.0


The system in use:

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Intel Pentium II 400 MHz [Deschutes core, 100Mhz FSB, ATX form factor]
Supermicro P6SBA [Intel 440BX Chipset, Slot 1]
ATi Xpert 98 8MB [Rage Pro Turbo, AGP 2x] (Until 2000)
3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP 64MB (2000)
Sound Blaster Pro 16 Clone [ISA]
Internal Storage:
Various: 1.2 - 6.4GB Seagate drives
Optical Storage:
Panasonic CR-585-B 24x IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM
Packard Bell 14" CRT @ 1024x768
Generic keyboard and mouse
CH Virtual Pilot Pro
TV Card:
Hauppauge WinTV CinemaPro [ISA]
Generic ATX Case (Tower)
Power Supply:
Generic 250W ATX PSU
Operating System(s):
Windows 95 (MS-DOS 7.0)
Windows 98 Second Edition (MS-DOS 7.10)

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Content last updated: 10th April 2019