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Legacy BVE Trainsim Material

Prior to the focus of shifting to openBVE development, add-ons were developed for another simulator, BVE Trainsim. You can find my old BVE Trainsim routes, Birmingham Cross-City South v1.31, and Watford Junciton to Milton Keynes Central v1.1, in this section. You can also find help and information regarding BVE Trainsim here.

Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central v1.1

Inset image Thank you for downloading the Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central v1.1 route, which was designed for BVE 2, back in 2001. This route is very old now, and graphically poor by todays standards.

The Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central BVE route was my first full route to be released for BVE back in 2001, and as such it is not as detailed, attractive or sophisticated as my recent or current projects such as the Birmingham Cross-CitySouth route, however WJ-MKC was "cutting edge" at the time of it's release, being the first to include a realistic catenary system with "sagging" and zig-zagging overhead wires, registration arms and overlaps, as well as features such as passing train sound effects and "detail levels" for users with high or low end PC's.

Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central v1.1 is still available, however the route will be replaced by Watford Junction to Rugby when it's finished. More details, screenshots and a video preview can be found in the Watford Junction to Rugby section of the site.

Further Information

Inset image For information or help with the route, please read the documentation included with the download; there you will find sections explaining the detail levels used by the route, file naming conventions, a full feature list, and so-on.

For information or help with driving, you can read the Driver's Guide for BVE to understand lineside signs and signals, or e-mail me using the Contact page.

If you need help downloading and installing openBVE, BVE Trainsim, or this add-on, then please read either the openBVE Help Guide or BVE 4 Help Guide.

Screenshots (taken using openBVE)

Please remember that this is a very old, legacy route designed for BVE Trainsim version 2, and it was never even updated to run in BVE Trainsim version 4, let alone openBVE. This route does not demonstrate the capabilities of either BVE 4 or openBVE.

Please see the new Watford Junction to Rugby version 1.0 section of the site, for information about the upcoming, true designed-for-openBVE, extended length version of this route.

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Download the Route

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» Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central - Full Package [1.73 MiB]
     - Full package for BVE 2.6

» Class 87 25kV AC Loco for BVE 2.6 [693 KiB, hosted on]
» Class 310 25kV AC EMU for BVE 2.6 [1.3 MiB, hosted on]
» Class 321 25kV AC EMU for BVE 2.6 [1.3 MiB, hosted on]

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For earlier changes, please see the documentation included in the route download.
Content last updated: 10th April 2019