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This section of the site is designed to help you get started with the realistic openBVE train simulator in Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Ubuntu 10.10, as well as guide you through the installation and first use of the Birmingham Cross-City South route to enable you to start driving. Some parts of this guide are geared towards novice users.

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▪ Installing openBVE via the Ubuntu Software Centre

In this section, we're going to install the version of openBVE which is supplied via Ubuntu's repository, and upon installation, a libre version of the Birmingham Cross-City South route will be automatically installed as well, ready to use.

The version of openBVE which is available via the Ubuntu Software Centre is very easy to install, however the version number of this release may lag behind that of the official release sometimes. If you want to know how to manually install the latest official version of openBVE instead, please skip to the relevant section of this guide.

To install openBVE via Ubuntu's Software Centre, just follow these steps:

Installing openBVE via the Ubuntu Software Centre

  1. From the GNOME Main Menu Bar, select 'Ubuntu Software Centre':


  2. Click 'Get Software' if necessary, and in the search box, type in 'openbve'. After a moment, you should see the OpenBVE entry. Now, simply click the 'Install' button for the openBVE entry:


    You will be prompted for your password at this point, but then, openBVE and a specially prepared version of the Birmingham Cross-City South route will be downloaded and installed automatically.

  3. You can monitor installation progress via the 'In Progress' item on the left:


    Once installation is complete, you can verify sucessful installation via the 'Installed Software' category on the left:


  4. Once finished, you can launch openBVE via 'Applications' > 'Games' > 'OpenBVE':



That's all there is to it!

The /usr/share/games/bve/Railway/Route/ folder will already be opened when openBVE starts, and as shown above, you can now proceed to open the 'Birmingham_Cross_City_South' folder, and find a suitable route file to load. You can also read more about openBVE's interface and features, by clicking here.

Content last updated: 6th December 2010