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▪ Welcome

Latest News (13th March 2014)
Inset imageWelcome to, the homepage of Anthony Bowden, where realistic, detailed, immersive and graphically rich add-ons are being developed for openBVE, a licence free, open source, free-of-charge train driving simulator.

Please use the navigators above or below to browse the site. You can read my blog for the latest news and updates, both regarding what's happening here at, and what's happening in the world of openBVE. You can download routes, find help and other information via the Projects page, view a selection of screenshots on the Gallery page, and find plenty of useful or interesting sites to visit on the Links page.

▪ Active Projects

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You can follow the progress of two openBVE route projects currently being developed - Birmingham Cross-City South v2.0, running from Redditch to Birmingham's busy New Street station, and the WCML Watford Junction to Rugby route. Both projects will make full use of the various features and capabilities provided by openBVE. You can also follow progress with development of the new UkTrainSys cross-platform .NET plugin for openBVE, which aims to simulate a variety of systems found on trains which operate in the UK. You can also visit the links below for more information, help with openBVE, miscellaneous downloads, and to read about the history of

▪ About openBVE

openBVE is an open source, licence free, internationally aware, cross-platform, free-of-charge train driving simulator, with an emphasis on in-cab driving, realistic physics, braking and safety system simulation. openBVE uses OpenGL and OpenAL for graphics and audio respectively, and being cross-platform, is designed to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Please visit the openBVE homepage for more information, as well as the openBVE Help and Information section.

openBVE LogoSome key openBVE features:
  • Animated objects, full 3D cab support, and external camera views
  • 3D positional surround sound
  • Enhanced graphics quality, filtering, transparent texture handling
  • Detailed safety and braking system modelling, and realistic physics
  • Multi-lingual interface and cross-platform compatibility
  • And more...
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