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Development PC(s) and Network - Introduction

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This section of the website is for those with an interest in computers (both workstations and servers), networking, hardware and software. Here you can find out what systems I develop my routes on, and what components I've chosen for good performance in openBVE, BVE Trainsim or other applications. Apart from my first ever PC, I've assembled all my computer systems myself, as usually a much better computer that's suited to my needs can be built this way. You can also find out what software I use, what hardware I've developed my routes on, both currently and in the past, as well as see what kinds of add-ons I've been able to produce thanks to each new generation of hardware.

Within the Development PC(s) and Network Section:

Where the magic happens - development office

I tend to do most of my development and creative work in the development office, where I've installed my computer systems, desks and server hardware. I have three workstations; the main development Core i7 4770K Windows PC, the Mac Pro, and an administration and CCTV monitoring workstation (now the Celeron E3300 Windows PC). The 42U rack server is also located here.

The office involved some DIY work including a full repaint and furnishing with carpet tiles throughout. The desks are from the IKEA Bekant range, with LED desklights, and under-desk multi-colour LED light strips operated via a wall-mounted IR remote control. Dual conduits have been fitted flush against the walls and around obstacles above the skirting boards, and these carry Cat 6A ethernet cables running at 1Gbps and 10Gbps, and also UPS backed power cables. RJ-45 wall-mount sockets have also been fitted, and power sockets on the ring main have been upgraded with units featuring USB charging ports.


The office in use:

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Content last updated: 10th April 2019