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Rail Sim Routes UK - Detailed and accurate add-ons currently for BVE (Updated 15/03/2002)

Welcome to Rail Sim Routes UK , where development is concentrated on BVE at the present time. Currently available or in development on this site:

Route Previews Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central (Available Now - new version released 20th February 2002 - Click Here for details)
Information 32.5 miles of Britain's busy West Coast Main Line, available in both present day and 1980's versions. Drive the 110mph Class 87 25kV AC electric loco, or the 75mph Class 310 25kV AC EMU along the route. See the Projects page.
Birmingham Cross-City South (In Development)
Information The busy commuter route running from Redditch to Birmingham New Street; operated by the Class 323 25kV AC EMU. This route is being developed exclusively for BVE2, in CSV file format. See the Projects page.
BVE Locomotive Collection
Information Several popular UK loco classes for BVE, available for download. See the Projects page.
BVE Marker and Sign Collection
Information Station markers and signs for use in your own routes. See the Misc Files page.
Anthony Bowden, 2001-2002

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