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Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central - Version 1.1 Update

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Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central

Version 1.1 Update Information

Watford Junction to Milton Keynes Central has been updated to resolve some outstanding issues with the route which have cropped up periodically since it's release last August. The following improvements and issues are addressed by the updates:

  • "Error 16" messages - A few people have experienced this dreaded error at most stations along the line, and the new patch removes markers from display while passing the stopping points at stations. Hopefully this will eliminate this annoying problem for some users.
  • Lack of warning for upcoming stations and speed restrictions - the patch addresses these issues by displaying new station name markers approx. 1 km before stations which must be stopped at; and relevant permenant speed restriction markers appear earlier than was previously the case.
  • Class 310 "Derailing" bug - Since the release of the XP compatible version of BVE, another bug cropped up whereby the class 310 would veer alarmingly off the track when crossing the pointwork just before Hemel Hempstead station. This problem is addressed by the patch. For those who are interested, it is caused when a "Turn" command is used on a section of track which already has a "Curve" command applied to it. Removing the "Curve" command and adjusting the "Turn" values to compensate will fix this problem.
  • New photo-realistic backdrop for the Summer routes - Thanks to Bryan Dudley (, an excellent new backdrop is included, which enhances the appearance of the Summer scenery considerably.

An improved Transparent Texture Pack For GeForce and ATi graphics card users is also available. Several transparencies in the old "GeForce Replacement Texture Pack" did not work correctly (some catenary gantries were missing, and masts weren't properly 'connected' to some gantries). Some buildings also appeared with transparent patches in the walls. The updated Replacement Texture Pack resolves these issues. The intense green colour of the overhead line equipment has also been toned down. Note that for the correct display of some 3D objects, you need to upgrade to v1.1 of WJ-MKC first (re-download the files on the Download Page) or download the Patch. Once done, the new Replacement Texture Pack can be downloaded here.

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Anthony Bowden, 2001-2002

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