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Links - Updated 18/03/2002

Links to other sites offering useful information for BVE users, and also for other realistic UK BVE routes and add-ons.

Boso View Express The official BVE site (in Japanese) from Mackoy, author of the BVE simulator. Download the program and a variety of useful BVE utilities here.

BVE Information
BVE Helper Brett Williams' great site dedicated to helping those who are unfamiliar with, or new to BVE. Find instructions on the installation of BVE itself, and the numerous BVE add-ons which are now available, as well as a variety of other useful information.
BVE Works in Progress Al Barten's regularly updated and useful resource for a variety of BVE related matters, including route building, object creation and hints and tips. Definitely worth visiting!
Yahoo! BVE Group Click to subscribe to the Yahoo! BVE Group, for general discussions on BVE.
Yahoo! BVE Route File Learners Group Tony Chung has set up a new Yahoo! BVE Route File Learners Group - if you are interested in learning or sharing knowledge about BVE route building, join this group!.

Rail Sim News
TrainSim UK Visit Trainsim UK for the latest rail sim news, reviews, and great discussion forums jointly run by Trainsim UK and For rail sim news, interesting rail sim related articles. A collection of high quality BVE add-ons can also be found here, including BVE trains, routes and the 'BVE Object Library'. Rainer Hübner's superb German rail sim site, with frequent news updates on various rail sims including BVE. There are some excellent BVE routes, trains and objects available from the BVE Downloads section. (German Language)

International BVE Sites
OzRail Stephen Cross' great new OzRail site, with some excellent BVE downloads available; including the CityRail "S" Set EMU, revised version of Michael Thompson's superb Eastern Suburbs Railway route, and new prototypically correct signals.
BVE Italia Fans Luigi Cartello's excellent site for Italian BVE fans, regularly updated and the place to visit for Italian speakers wishing to get started with BVE. (Mainly Italian Language)
BVE French Fan New! Julien Legrand's new website for the benefit of French fans of BVE, with regular news updates and new BVE downloads. (Mainly French Language)
Jon's Train Sim Page New! Jon Gulbis' website where the excellent Bombardier T1 Toronto subway train complete with stunning cab graphics can be downloaded. The site also includes a comprehensive subway route database and reviews page.

BVE Utilities and Accessories
Train Software Oskari Saarekas' website, where the excellent BVE Route Randomiser (BRR) can be downloaded, along with the stunning Suomi route, which uses clever visual effects, and shows off the features of BRR to great effect.
Rail Tech Bryan Dudley's excellent new source of graphics files and 3D objects for BVE - already with some great objects available for download!

UK Based BVE Routes and Trains
Train Sim Central Visit Steve Green's great site, where you can download such gems as the 'Southern Electric', 'Northern Line Version 2' and 'Desert Freight USA' routes. Also find some more great BVE trains, including cl.43 HST, and 4-CIG.
Scottish Rail Sim Files Visit Robert Glass' site where his excellent Scottish routes, inc. the stunning Sandymill-Invermay and the all new Glasgow Underground, all complete with detailed scenery and varied trains, can be downloaded. A great BVE cl. 158 DMU can also be found here. Don't forget Robert's excellent animated panel updates for the BVE locos on this site!
East Coast Main Line James Withers' new website for his ambitious East Coast Main Line route from King's Cross to Peterborough, currently under development. Check for updates on this interesting BVE project!
SRPS C&W Dept. Website (Edinburgh-Kircaldy BVE Route) Visit Don Clarke's site, to download his newly extended Edinburgh to Dundee route, which comes complete with excellent scenery, and detailed civil engineering features such as the Forth Rail Bridge and Tay Bridge!
BVE Hull Website Visit Phil Brooke's new, re-vamped site where you can follow progress with his ambitious Hull to Sheffield route. The fictional Brookfield Interchange route is available for download now.
Inverness TMD (Hamilton - Anderston Route) Matthew Callaghan's website, where you can follow the progress being made with his new route, running from Motherwell to Anderston via Hamilton and Glasgow Central Low Level. The site will expand over time, so check back regularly!
BVE Jubilee Line Alan Lee's excellent Jubilee Line website. A great resource for fans of the Underground and BVE alike, and well worth exploring! A section of the Jubilee line running from Stanmore to Charing Cross is planned for BVE; keep checking for updates!
Central Line John Owen's London Underground Central Line website, where progress with his route, currently running from Holland Park to Lancaster Gate, can be followed.
The London Tube for BVE James Roberts' regularly updated website with all the latest news on the development of LUL routes for BVE. Several routes are planned, and the fictional Aldwych Extension is available now.
Nottingham Victoria Station Website Visit Nick Willis' site dedicated to Nottingham Victoria, where a nicely detailed BVE route depicting a section of the Great Central Railway, including detailed stations and bridges can be downloaded.

Other Railsim sites
The Trainsim Gallery Keith Hazleton has set up a new website - the "Train Sim Gallery". Visit the site to find out about people who've been 'bitten by the trainsim bug'. Any contributions are welcome!
Train Driver Homepage Paul Robins' Train Driver Homepage, where his excellent Train Driver 3 software can be found (now freeware). To find out more about the Class 87 included with Watford Junction to Milton Keynes, visit Paul's '87 Homepage'.

Miscellaneous Rail Links
BR Diesel Web Andy Slater's excellent website with numerous high quality sound samples of UK diesel loco classes, as well as class and cab photographs. These files are copyrighted - anyone wishing to use any of these files should seek permission first.
A comprehensive directory of thousands of rail related links and resources on the Net, including search facilities, ICQ List and forum.

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