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UK BVE Route - Watford Junction to Milton Keynes

Updated 03/01/2001

On this page you can find some information and screenshots concerning the Watford Jcn to Milton Keynes BVE route. The route is still under construction. No firm release date yet, as there is still much to do. The project was started on 23/12/2000.

Highlights of the route will include:
1.Watford Tunnel, complete with photo real portal, and in-tunnel ventilation shafts.
2.UK style speed restriction signs
3.Speedometer measuring miles per hour.
4.Realistic BR Mk1 catenary, with overlaps, transformers, neutral sections etc.
5.Other trains on route (86/87/90, 321 if I have time)
6.Northchurch and Linslade tunnels
7.Tring Cutting
8.Tree lined embankments (Fewer trees in Low Detail version)
9.Rolling hills in distance, perhaps with fields, farms, hedgerows etc
10.Bletchley Flyover
11.Will also include in-cab indications for gradients in UK style.
12.If I have time, I will also include under-bridge sound effects, passing train sound effects etc.

  • Track construction: Track laid as far as Linslade Tunnel
  • Trackside: Embankments & cuttings complete as far as Apsley. Some bridges in place
  • Distant scenery: Idea testing in progress
  • Electrification: Wires up as far as Northchurch Tunnel
  • Signalling: Not started
  • Station Construction: Platforms in place, no buildings yet.
  • Other trains: Non yet

Percentage complete: 30%

Items still to be added include:
Other trains (Classes 86, 87 and 90, 321, perhaps others...)
Speed restriction signs
AWS ramps
Arch bridges, Foot Bridges etc
Bletchley Flyover, Carriage sidings
Distant fields, hedgerows, farm buildings etc

The route will be released as two versions - the High Detail version of the route, for Pentium III machines, and the Low Detail version for slower machines (Pentium II 400 recommended) This will have fewer trees and simplified catenary, but all other scenic features will remain. A good 3D accelerator that properly supports the transparency effects that BVE uses is necessary for both versions, otherwise strange things might appear on the track ahead...

03/01/2001 - High Detail Version - Now added the choice of weather conditions! High Summer sun or Winter snow.

The new snow textures, and snow filled cloud
How the diverging slow lines south of Watford Tunnel look in the snow!
The snow covered hill above Watford Tunnel just visible in the distance
The Up Goods Loop in Winter

Also added replacement Summer tree textures:

Approaching the bridge just North of Watford Junction Station. You can almost see every leaf
The Up Goods Loop again. The scenery beyond the trees may look flat here; hopefully rolling hills can be added later...

01/01/2001 - High Detail version, interim tree textures

Approaching the bridge just North of Watford Junction Station. Note the UK style gradient board indicator.
Slow lines diverge as the train nears Watford Tunnel

Leaving Watford Tunnel, note the catenary overlap.

Rejoining the slow lines

Rejoining the slow lines

Passing the Up Goods Loop on the right, between Watford and Kings Langley. Note the catenary overlap.

Passing through the unfinished station at Apsley